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It is a great honor to be a part of an institution that has one ultimate goal: “transforming lives in a dynamic society”.  It is a privilege to be one of hundreds of collaborators who make victory possible. What an opportunity to help others elevate their lives. This is the experience our beloved team at Eden High School shares every day with our students as “Nature and revelation unite in Education.”

We invite you to share this thrilling experience with us through the challenge of helping others live a fuller life through Christ and Christian education.

Thanks to everyone who has contributed in the development of Eden High School. “Although our actions may seem insignificant, our efforts become collective.  Just like the ocean is made up of individual drops of water, and grains of sand, our efforts, whether small or large, have helped in the development of…” Eden Seventh-day Adventist High School.

Welcome to our web site.  We hope the information herein contained encourages you to become a collaborator in transforming the lives of our young people or a student at Eden SDA High School. God bless you.

Our offices are opened everyday from 8:00 am to 3:00 PM.

Phone number: 011-501-824-2966

You can email the secretary at: secretary @ eden.edu.bz




Welcome to Eden Website.  For more information contact the secretary at secretary(at)eden.edu.bz

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