Why choose Eden SDA High School

Eden SDA High School is a prestigious institution that strives to
help students achieve their full potential. Teachers instill morals 
and values that do not only guide and protect a student 
throughout their life but also strengthens their relationship
with God, the most important relationship in one's life.

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Thank you for your interest in Eden SDA
High School. Feel free to browse our
website and should you have any
questions, contact us at (501) 824-2966.
Office hours: Mon-Thur 8 AM - 3 PM,
Friday: 8 AM - 2:30 PM

The Institution

Since 1987, Eden SDA High School
has been providing students the 
opportunity to enter its halls of learning,
in preparation to its community, country,
and the world. It offers comprehensive
curriculum in a Christ-centered 



Easy to Apply

Easy to start

Click the link to 
download an 
application form,
Admission has 
additional information.

Acceptance Requirements

Modern Design

Follow simple steps to
ensure your application
is eligible for acceptance
check Admissions for 
more information.

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School Facebook page and follow
updates as well as student
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