The logo of Eden Seventh-Day Adventist High School is very indicative of the principles the school is guided by.

  • The circle represents the wholesome education we offer as a Christian institution.
  • The triangle within the circle represents the work of the Holy Trinity in developing the Physical, Mental, and Spiritual aspects of our lives. These three are essential for the integral development of the youth in our society.

  • The book within the triangle represents the Bible, the word of God, the only source of true education and wisdom.
  • The torch and flame represent learning through the guidance of the Holy Spirit.
  • The map of our country, Belize, in the background represents the territory through which our students will go after graduation in their various fields of work to put into practice the principles learnt while at Eden Seventh Day Adventist High School.

The colors are indicative of our qualities or characteristics as an institution and reflect our values.

•   The brown color that borders the logo represents the institution’s earthiness, wholesomeness, simplicity and friendliness found amongst the teachers and students at  Eden High. This natural color evokes a sense of strength and reliability. It brings to mind the feeling of warmth, comfort and security that our students experience at Eden High.

•The green color in the logo stands for the continuous growth of Eden within the country of Belize. It represents the healthy, harmonious environment that makes our students feel exuberant and vivacious.

•The green also represents nature and trees that are very typical of Eden High providing that tranquil and healthy environment that soothes, refreshes, relaxes and cheers our students and teachers as they go about their daily endeavors in the learning process.


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