Bible – Kings James Version






  • English Matters Student Bk 1-


   By: Julia Sander- Published by: Macmillan (sold at school)




  • Swiss Family Robinson,


  By: J.D. Wyss Published by: Signet (sold at school)




  • Transformed by the Spirit,


   By: Juan Cubero, Published by: Pacific Press Publishing (sold at school)






  • The Interactive Approach to Mathematics


      BK1 3rd Edition –Sold at Eden High School




Spanish *** sold at school


  • Dime Student Bk 1.  2nd Edition ,


    By Jeannette Allsopp, Malva J. Lewis  et. all.


    Published By: Macmillan


  • Dime Workbook 1. 2nd Edition ,


  By Sally Seetahal-Mohammed, Jeannette Allsopp,


  Published By: Macmillan




Integrated Science


  • Integrated Science for CSEC


    By: Derek McMonagle , Pauline Anning , Richard Johnson et. all 

    Published by: Nelson Thornes  (sold at school)






Elective Subjects: 


(Students are required to choose only 1 elective subject)


Purchase the book depending on the elective the child chooses from


the following list (Child will choose elective during registration)


* It is best to wait for registration day to see if the elective subject is available




 Technical Drawing


  • Technical Drawing Book 1


        By Roger Polanco, Published by BRCC  (sold at school)






  • Of Course you can sew,  A comprehensive guide to dressmaking Book 1.


       By: Maria Hernandez Published by: BRC (Sold at School)






  • Agriculture Science for the Caribbean, A Course for secondary schools in the Caribbean


       Bk1 2nd Edition . By: Ameith Barren, Edmund Barehzer et all. Publisher: Longman




 Music – (Sold at School)




Home Economics


  • Home Economics for CSEC Examinations: Food and Nutrition.


        By: Rita Dyer and Norma Maynard, Published by: Macmillan   (Sold at school)


  • Apron (White Dacron) & Head Tie




 The following is also a requirement:




Thesaurus, Geometry Set, Calculator (Scientific), English Dictionary,

Spanish/English Dictionary




Note:  Books can be purchased at Gitz Office Supply, Dakers Belmopan,

and Muriel’s Variety Store located in Manzanero Building


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